for parents

Developed for children with special needs

Having a child with special needs and care, parents are looking for the best tools to enhance the child’s physical and emotional health, his or her well-being and resilience. Physical activity of all kinds is a vital part of childhood. Making your child as active as possible is therefore of outmost importance.

The Hibbot is developed to enhance child’s physical activity and mobility.

What makes the Hibbot special and innovative? Modularity together with hands-free walking.

Discover how it works...

In ambulant children (with or without walking aid), poor postural control and especially pelvic instability are one of the main problems and difficult to treat.
Anterior tilt of the trunk, overuse of flexion in the legs, poor selectivity, weak hip abductor and extensor muscles are leading to an abnormal and inefficient gait pattern with an increased risk of bony and muscular deformities, particularly during periods of rapid growth.

During puberty many children even lose their ability to walk and need multi-level surgery to correct bony and muscular deformities. After surgery, the original brain lesion is not solved and unfortunately pelvic instability remains difficult to treat. The Hibbot facilitates a more typical gait pattern by providing trunk and pelvic stability. The modularity for each individual patient together with hands-free walking are the most innovative characteristics of the Hibbot.
The motion of the pelvic/trunk in the sagittal, frontal and rotational plane is controlled by mechanical components. Also the amount of adjusted force, fall protection and degrees of motion of the device itself can be individually adjusted by the therapist. For the patient, the improved pelvic (core) stability provides better movement capabilities of the upper and lower limbs during therapy sessions but also in daily life.

For the therapist on the other hand, a good postural alignment of the patient is assured and hands can be taken off.
Direct interaction, carrying toys and manual behavior while standing and walking becomes possible and opens a window for all kind activities.

An important prerequisite to start Hibbot training is the absence of major structural anomalies in the lower limbs.